English biography

Not being able to refrains his will to beating at young ages, was nearly playing proper rhythms with his mother kitchenware when his peer’s were playing with toys.

With the help of his accordion player father and his pianist brother, he started his music training at the age of seven.

He felt an interest into jazz when he was five.

After a 5 year training at the Paris Dante Agostini percussion school, he graduated with the highest degree.

Through out his fast journey in jazz, he had 3 solo albums as a composer and a drummer and accompanied about 70 famous jazz musicians in their albums.

He played in trio’s to big band’s. (Louis Winsberg,Tania Maria, Stefano Di-Batista,le big band lumière, l’orchestre national de jazz, Jean Pierre Como, Laurent de Wilde, Flavio Boltro, Jacky Terrasson, Florian Ross, David Linx, Diederik Wissels…

To express his musical understanding, he says : « I do not like music that is squeezed into a form. We have enough forms in our life so music should exceed this « 

Other than Stephane Huchard’s control over playing drums, his major characteristic is his curiousity and openness to all kinds of music that is related to jazz, far or close.

Trio or big band, he easily adopts his beats to the music he is inspired by. « I do not like the musicians who restrict themselves, limiting yourself to one kind of music is staying behind. There are enough of restrictions on this planet so there is no need to add music on to it « 

His adventure in music is formed by encounters, collective projects with various musician and numerous education.